Cleaning out a Windows 7 or 2008 WINSXS Folder

The WINSXS folder on Windows 2008 and Windows 7 tends to get a little out of hand. While hard drives are larger than they used to be, it doesn’t mean you want to have 30GB or so of data in the Windows directory.

Reduce_winsxs_folder_size 10-29-2014 5-15-08 PMIf you are looking to reduce the size of the C:\WINSXS folder on Windows 7 or Windows 2008, you can do so with the following command.

DISM.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /spsuperseded

Reduce_winsxs_folder_size 10-29-2014 5-15-46 PMReduce_winsxs_folder_size 10-29-2014 5-16-14 PMHere you can see the results after a reboot.

Reduce_winsxs_folder_size 10-29-2014 5-16-32 PM